AHuman NET

AHuman employs a novel end-to-end neural network to generate realistic voice, mouth shape, facial expression, and emotions in body motion. Our proprietary technology solves major challenges such as instability in the convergence process of parameter training using parallel GPUs, bias in data augmentation, imbalance of the data distribution of head 3D motion. Our model is trained using GPU clusters consuming longer than 30 days. We achieved state-of-the-art results in digital human production.



Renderer to drive 3D head motion and 3D limb motion.


Speech synthesizes with emotion

we inject energy function in acoustic models to parametrize volume, and F0 function to control pitch number. The AM and vocoder are trained in an end-to-end fashion to avoid error accumulation in voice quality.



supported by deep learning recommendation algorithms, knowledge-graph enables digital to evolve and self-learn.

So, how do we achieve this?

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AHuman focuses on creating virtual humans with expressions

Ongoing projects?

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Witnessing the beginning of an ear of the virtual human and human coexisting

Virtual Human

The way that how a virtual human can become another you or your partner through NFT minting on the blockchain is defined by you.

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Training and Personalization

Through communication with you by AHuman API, the virtual human can be trained to be more knowledgeable and sensitive. In addition, you can certainly let it study on it's own from the AHuman neural network API.

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In AHuman’s world, the artificial roles can be cute girls good at singing and dancing,or a boy with his smart naughtiness, or a joke king with a sense of humor. They can also post content or short videos on social media, even do a live show. Is this cool?

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AI Video Service Package



  • Opening effect(Logo Included)
  • Time Range: 60s
  • Script: 200-300 words
  • Background: Static
  • Host: AI human
  • Deliver Time: 48h



  • Opening effect(Logo Included)
  • Time Range: 90s
  • Script: 300-500 words
  • Background: Dynamic
  • Host: AI star
  • Deliver Time: 72h


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  • Opening effect(Logo Included)
  • Time Range: 300s
  • Script: Around 1500 words
  • Background: Customized
  • Host: Customized
  • Deliver Time: 7days

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